Scrapbooking: getting started

So let’s assume you’re not a scrapbooker and don’t have any supplies at all. Well, the good news is: you probably already have most of what you’ll need in your kitchen drawers.

I spend £30 every two months on a ‘kit’ of scrap goodies to keep my stash topped up, but the majority of the things I work with are everyday and recycled items.

Here’s my run-down of the basic bits you’ll need to get started making your own Scrap Therapy books…


* Scissors
* Adhesives – double-sided tape or glue
* Stapler
* Hole punch
* Hole re-inforcers
* Keyring rings (£1.20 for 20, kids dept. Hobbycraft)
* Date stamp & ink pad (Wilko)
* Alphabet stamps (The Works)
* Washi tape
* Pen

Pages made from:

* Old calendars
* Sketch book paper
* Wrapping paper
* Old school books
* Scrapbooking papers (Hey Little Magpie, Papermaze or Craftie Charlie)
* Paper bags
* Packaging

Paper scraps (see above)


Paper embellishments

* Cut shapes from scrapbooking papers
* Die cuts
* Labels
* Stickers
* Magazine clippings
* Tickets
* Small bags
* Kiddy artwork
* Post-it notes

Photos and small embellishments

* 40 prints free each month at
* Paperclips, buttons, ribbons, puffy stickers , gems etc.

And you’re good to go!

I store finished books in these little mailing boxes from Hema, but they look super-pretty loose on your shelves too (or in a suitcase under your bed, if you’re short on space).

And finally, here’s a little video about how Kitty and I put our books together:


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