Scrap Therapy intro

Sometimes you need to let everything drop to the floor and decide which pieces are the important ones that have to be picked back up.

It’s scary stuff, because what if you drop everything and there’s nothing of you left? When I decided I needed to let go of conventional team scrapbooking and the social media that accompanied it, I wasn’t prepared for quite how bereft I would feel.

But it can be healthy to sort out what’s truly you and what’s just the online version, right? So I pushed through and some time later, felt myself come out the other side.

In sorting through the pieces and working out what I needed in my life, one thing became glaringly obvious: I needed to cut and stick. I had wondered if some other form of creativity might slot into the gap that scrapbooking had left, but I craved the process of playing with paper like a fish (ha!) needs water.

More than my desire to make pretty things, I needed those times in my day to just sit and switch off and revel in the precious headspace that comes with time spent being creative.

And so Scrap Therapy was born.

Scrap Therapy is more about what it isn’t than what it is.

It isn’t fancy; it isn’t expensive. It isn’t competitive or time consuming. There’s no product line or design team and there’s no need for lessons or techniques. It’s not even especially artistic, although there’s plenty of room for that if you fancy.

Scrap Therapy is about finding little pockets of time in each day to make a favourite drink and put some nice music on, then relax with all the crafty things that you own and just play inside the pages of a little homemade book.

The pages themselves can be made from bought papers or food wrappers; the embellishments can be the contents of your favourite kit or the contents of your recycling bin.

What’s important is the process: the sheer, simple *delight* of picking things up and deciding where you want to stick them down.

Honesty is key. Whether you’re sticking down a feather from the park or a ticket from your trip to the cinema, it’s the accompanying journalling that make it extra helpful, mental-health wise. How did you feel about the moment? What are you learning? What’s tough right now?

Prayers, quotes, feelings, thoughts and Bible verses – they all go into my Scrap Therapy books and the result is bundles of truly delicious little books that I will treasure.

Whether I choose to make one book a month or a book per season, Scrap Therapy is such a beautifully transformative project because it helps me to focus on my internal growth journey. And isn’t that inner spiritual journey so well worth recording?

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4 thoughts on “Scrap Therapy intro

  1. keelyboley

    Suse, I think this is scrapbooking in the truest, most basic sense. Bravo to you for finding what is most meaningful to you right now. That doesn’t mean that this is what you will crave in six months. Our journey evolves as do we. Enjoy the journey.

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  2. Suse Fish

    So very true! We need to keep moving on to whatever our next thing is and pushing ourselves creatively.

    What I love about this format is that it allows me to play with mini layouts, a bit of pocket page work and also make something a little December Daily like… mixing it all up on a small-scale! Thanks for your comment, friend xx


  3. Whatever you call it, I’m glad you figured it out! I love looking at these, but I know myself enough to know that I can’t make something with pages that aren’t all the same size. Yes, I’ve tried. And just as much as looking at the pretty things you make, I love listening to your take on how scrapping-meets-life-meets-spirituality. It’s hard to carve out a chunk of ourselves and discard it. So I’m happy that you’re back now you’ve figured out your niche/groove/Thing.


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